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In English - Conference: Self,Intersubjectivity & Social Neuroscience

Slawomir Wacewicz - 2007-09-18, 22:55
Temat postu: Conference: Self,Intersubjectivity & Social Neuroscience
Self, Intersubjectivity & Social Neuroscience - From Mind And Action To Society

Torun, 24-26.09.07

Conference programme: SINS programme - MS Word .doc file

Conference venue: GROMADA Hotel, Zeglarska 10/14 (left-click and hold to navigate)

Conference organizer: dr Tomasz Komendzinski

This year's event is a sequel to the „Embodied and Situated Cognition: from Phenomenology and Neuroscience to Artificial Intelligence” conference held in Torun in 2006. This year's edition's guest of honour will be Prof. Marc Jeannerod, member of the French Academy of Sciences, author of The Neuroscience of Action, Motor Cognition: What Actions Tell the Self; and Ways of Seeing (together with P. Jacob).
The main topics include motor cognition, the mind of the other, social cognition, and social neuroscience.
The presentations by the conference participants will be complemented by two panel discussions (one on Marc Jeannerod's Motor Cognition, the other on the debate between narrative and 'mindreading' conceptions of the access to the mind of the other), and two small seminars.

Attached below is the conference programme (MS Word .doc file).

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