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Marek Kasperski - 2007-06-12, 21:21
Temat postu: CogNews.net
CogNews.net: Welcome to the first international mashup of cognitive science.

Every day the latest news from:

  • Scientific American - Mind

  • Scientific American Observations - Mind Matters

  • Cognitive Science Department News

  • The MIT Press

  • Nature Reviews Neuroscience

  • Psychiatry and Neurology News

  • Neurology / Neuroscience News From Medical News Today

  • Journal of Neuroscience

  • Nature Neuroscience

  • Cognitive Neuroscience Arena

  • Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience Reviews

  • AAAI's AI

  • KurzweilAI.net

  • Robots News

  • Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

  • Robot Magazine

  • Robot Dream

  • ... and many more.

Marek Kasperski - 2007-06-15, 18:45

First opinion: "CogNews.net is a website that takes feeds from a number of cognitive science sites and puts them in one place for your viewing pleasure..." More [MindHacks.com]
janusz kamiński - 2007-08-16, 18:38

Congratulations Marek !

Very clear, eye catching site. And ineresting as well.
Already one of my permanents.


ps. also good job with "mind hacks".

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